CrossMark - Personal Edition

CrossMark® is an easy to run native cross-platform benchmark that measures the overall system performance and system responsiveness using models of real-world applications. CrossMark® supports devices running Windows, Android, iOS and macOS platforms. CrossMark® is available for download in the Windows Store, Google Play, iTunes and Mac App Store.

The Personal editions allow for free and PRO non-commercial use of of CrossMark. Users can upgrade to the PRO version, within the different app stores, for testing without auto result submission . 

Personal Editions are for use by individuals not engaged in commercial usage. All businesses require a CrossMark Multi-OS Suite license for any result to be valid.

For government & professional media usage, please contact us

Features include:

  • Free & PRO personal usage 
  • A cross-platform benchmark that enables direct comparison of desktops and touch enabled devices across Windows, iOS or macOS, and Android.
  • Easy to use, quick install and runtime.
  • Credible, unbiased and objective benchmark. Provides consistent, consolidated and repeatable results.
  • Online results submission so you can see how your device stacks up, which provides useful information in evaluation and purchase decisions.
  • Models real-world applications and is indicative of what real users may do.
  • CrossMark differentiates products by system performance and system responsiveness and represents the role they play in impacting the user experience.

Please refer to the main CrossMark page for system requirements, users guides and more!