CrossMark Multi-OS Suite for Business

CrossMark, a new cross-architecture performance benchmark that simplifies system performance and responsiveness measurement using common and relevant workloads. Supporting functionality for the most popular operating systems – including Windows, iOS, macOS, iPadOS & Android – CrossMark is based on widely used open-source applications to assess system performance scores in the areas of Productivity, Creativity, and Responsiveness.

  • You are purchasing a CrossMark license for commercial usage. See the ‘License and level Type’ tab for the license level required.
  • Includes CrossMark Enterprise Windows desktop application download.
  • Plus commercial usage keys, download access for iOS, macOS, iPadOS & Android.


Enterprise & Publish licenses, Press, Government Usage, or any other questions, please contact BAPCo Sales and we will ensure you connect with a specialist.

For further details about CrossMark and for non-commercial users, please visit the product page.

7-Day free trial Windows edition: Download (a license will be required for commercial result usage)
7-Day free trial macOS edition: Download (a license will be required for commercial result usage)


Features include:
– A cross-platform benchmark that enables direct comparison of desktops and touch-enabled devices across Windows, iOS, or macOS
– Easy to use
– Quick install and runtime.
– Credible, unbiased, and objective benchmark
– A streamlined “click-and-run” user interface
– Provides consistent, consolidated, and repeatable results
– New combined, single results PDF. Automatically generates results as PDF
– Supports online results submission so you can see how your device stacks up, which provides useful information in evaluation and purchase decisions
– Models real-world applications and is indicative of what real users may do
– CrossMark differentiates products by system performance and system responsiveness and represents the role they play in impacting the user experience
– Supports automation to simplify benchmark run.

Small Business (suitable for companies with less than 50 employees)
Medium Business (for companies with between 50 and 250 employees)
Corporation (for companies with between 250 and 1000 employees)
Enterprise & Publish (for companies with over 1000 employees)

Official documents and EULA’s for BAPCo products are available here.

Pro features:

– 1 year of unlimited downloads
– 1 year of renewable subscription service which includes free upgrades to all major updates & continued unlimited downloads
– Priority technical support (1-2 business days)
– Updated integrated binaries on release
– Complimentary patches

Basic features:

– 30-day download period
– Standard technical support (2-5 business days)
– Complimentary patches (major updates require additional purchase)

For Windows:
– CPU: 2015 or newer x86 processor (Intel 6th Generation Core or AMD 7000 series APU)
– RAM: 4 GB
– HDD/SSD: 10Gb of free space on the primary drive
– Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 10 64-bit version 1803 (RS4) or later

For iOS/iPadOS:
– Operating system: iOS 12.0 version or higher
– RAM: 4GB

For macOS:
– OSX 10.9.5 (2015) or later
– RAM: 4GB

What qualifies for upgrade licenses?

Ownership of any BAPCo 2018 or 25 series benchmark qualifies for upgrade pricing.

If I buy a PRO license do I need to purchase a subscription each year?

Subscription renewal is optional. If you do not renew your subscription your license automatically reverts to BASIC and you lose all the benefits of a PRO license. You cannot renew your subscription once it has passed the grace period reverted to BASIC. A BASIC license allows you to continue to use the last version of the software you downloaded for as long as it is supported by BAPCo.

Does the PRO subscription autorenew?

No. The registered end-user or the original purchaser will be sent notification to renew.

Can I just purchase upgrades from the basic edition?

Yes, with the Basic edition is eligible to purchase future releases of the software at the upgrade price.