MobileMark 25

MobileMark® 25 is an application-based, performance-qualified battery life benchmark designed to assist users in making PC purchasing decisions reflecting usage patterns of business users in the areas of Office Productivity & Creativity.

  • New MobileMark 25 Index. The MobileMark 25 Index score combines the Battery life score (in minutes) and the overall DC performance score into a single metric, showing the balance between battery life and performance. A higher value is better.
  • “Brightness Profiler” an exclusive innovation in screen calibration utilities.
  • Seven new sub scenarios for better result balance and reach.
  • Part of BAPCo’s curated online result database suite.

Using only unmodified retail versions of real-world applications for measurement, MobileMark 25 features new and updated versions of, among others, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome & the Adobe Creative Cloud without the need of separate purchase or installation.

End of Life: On 30th April 2026, BAPCo will cease sales and support of MobileMark 25 and will no longer accept results submissions. Patches for end-of-life products will not be released. Customers are encouraged to move to MobileMark 30 to benefit from the updated applications, workloads, and benchmark design.

Questions may be directed to or

  • NOTE: For all licensees whose primary business involves design, development, integration, ODM, OEM, or manufacture of computers, operating systems, 3rd party test labs, or any company with more than 500 employees, please contact BAPCo Sales.
  • Please use the online store below for business licenses for activities other than those listed above (for example, financial services, automotive, telecommunication, consulting, and retail) with less than 500 global employees.

NOTE: All licensees whose primary business involves design, development, integration, ODM, OEM, or manufacture of computers, operating systems, and test labs, please contact BAPCo Sales.

For business licenses (for example, financial services, automotive, telecommunication, and retail), please use the following definitions:
Small Business (suitable for companies up to 25 employees)
Medium Business (for companies with between 26 and 99 employees)
Corporation (for companies with between 100 and 499 employees)
Enterprise & Publish (for companies with 500 or more employees)

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Pro features:

– 1 year of unlimited downloads
– 1 year of renewable subscription service which includes free upgrades to all major updates & continued unlimited downloads
– Priority technical support (1-2 business days)
– Updated integrated binaries on release
– Complimentary patches

Basic features:

– 30-day download period
– Standard technical support (2-5 business days)
– Complimentary patches (major updates require additional purchase)

What qualifies for upgrade licenses?

Any BAPCo 2018 benchmark qualifies for the upgrade pricing. You may upgrade to a different license type. For example, if you have a small business 2018 and need a Corporation 25 license you may use the upgrade pricing.

If I buy a PRO license do I need to purchase a subscription each year?

Subscription renewal is optional. If you do not renew your subscription your license automatically reverts to BASIC and you lose all the benefits of a PRO license. You cannot renew your subscription once it has passed the grace period reverted to BASIC. A BASIC licence allows you to continue to use the last version of the software you downloaded for as long as it is supported by BAPCo.

Does the PRO subscription autorenew?

No. The registered end-user or the original purchaser will be sent notification to renew.

Can I just purchase upgrades from the Basic edition?

Yes, with the Basic edition is eligible to purchase future releases of the software at the upgrade price.

Does the Advanced license include software upgrades to later releases?

No, you will need to purchase the 25 series at the upgrade price.

– Machine which is DC battery operated
– CPU: 2015 or newer x86 processor (Intel 6th Generation Core or AMD 7000 series APU)
– RAM: 8 GB
– HDD/SSD: 25GB of free space on the primary drive
– Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 10 64-bit version 19H2 or higher
– Resolution: 1280×800 or 1366×768
– Graphics: 2GB of VRAM
– Other: Wireless Router
– Supported Languages on Windows 10: English (US)
-Additional languages to be added in future update: Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish (SP)